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Donna Blank
Bethesda, MD 20817
United States
dhblank (at)

Having taught dance, creative movement, and Laban Movement Analysis for years, my career took a right turn when I discovered the Feldenkrais Method® and studied with Moshe Feldenkrais.

I discovered what I had always been looking for personally: my vitality, my own INNER DANCE, and a deep core of support for my own intentions in dance and movement improvisation. I became more clear and direct in my action and more flexible in my own creativity and responsivness.

In a study I conducted on the Feldenkrais Method and professional dancers, they reported an expanded sense of themselves and their abilities, ranging from enhanced creativity to improved balance, flexibility, range, safety, and an enriched ability to teach. Many reported more joy, and were passionate about this learning and enthusiastic about their future.

The beauty of the Sounder Sleep System is that it guides you to reduce, and reduce, and reduce stimuli, both internal and external, until under you drop below your anxiety and the accompanying excitation, and connect to the place where you're truly open to new experience. For me, its implications go far beyond sleep; the work creates a new ground for authentic learning.

"I recommend the Secrets of Sounder Sleep self-help audio program
to anyone who suffers from insomnia or the stress of life."
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