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"Take all the time you need for each breath....."

— Michael Krugman

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Jean Elvin
Senior Teacher
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States
Jean (at)

Workshops, classes, and private coaching available

Private Coaching for Sounder Sleep is offered by appointment at my Palo Alto office, 4161-B El Camino Way, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Stressed and over-stimulated during the day?
Can't get to sleep or stay asleep at night?

If you struggle with insomnia, I can teach you the skills you need to change wakeful nights into welcome respites. Learn these powerful techniques and start applying them right away. Email or call 650-796-4847 today, for an appointment.

  • The Sounder Sleep System can help us achieve deeper, more satisfying sleep. By improving fragmented or inadequate sleep, we can experience benefits such as a stronger immune system, better memory, and improved weight control. Use this system and discover a happier, healthier person in the mirror.
  • The Sounder Sleep System is based on the discovery that certain small, slow, repeated physical movements can shift us from the active, waking state to one of profound physical and mental repose. When we reach that tranquil state, if we need sleep, we will fall asleep. The System consists of gentle, yet remarkably effective physical movement and breathing techniques that are practiced by day and at bedtime. The learning process is pleasurable and profoundly restful in itself.

Jean Elvin has been actively integrating mind, body and spirit in her teaching, as well as in her personal life, for 25 years. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree, is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and a Senior Teacher of the Sounder Sleep System.

Teacher Training Programs in the Sounder Sleep System

Healing-arts professionals are invited to become teachers of the Sounder Sleep System. Somatic sleep education can be a priceless addition to your professional skill set. Our Teacher Training Programs are designed for professionals with a background in somatic education, therapy, counseling, yoga, and other modalities. Programs are presented by Michael Krugman, the system's founder.

For information on Teacher Training Programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Jean Elvin. For complete description and registration for all upcoming Teacher Training Programs please visit the Professional Training page.

"I recommend the Rest Assured self-help audio program to anyone who suffers from insomnia or the stress of life."

—Jean Elvin