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"Sounder Sleep audio programs are a great way to develop your home practice of the Sounder Sleep System!"--Paris
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Paris Kern
208 Edgevale Road
Baltimore, MD 21210
United States
pariskern (at)

Visit Paris's web site at:

Paris Kern is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Instructor® who has taught in the Baltimore area for twelve years. Her background and training as a musician lends her a uniquely creative ability she brings to her Feldenkrais practice. Her clientel ranges from infants to the elderly, from the athletically gifted to those who are challenged.

Paris has helped train future Feldenkrais practitioners in two separate, four-year training programs and has maintained a full private practice as well. In the past six years her practice has expanded to include equestrians. She has worked with riders and their horses and has traveled in Europe and the US to work with both professional and pleasure riders.

Paris completed training in the Sounder Sleep System in May 2003 and teaches actively in the Baltimore area.

Paris's students say:

"As you predicted, I did have a great night's sleep. I woke up once, but went right back to sleep. What a great sensation a good night's sleep is!"--Shirley Hetzer, office manager

After many, many sleepless nights, the workshop provided me with practical tools that worked in combating my insomnia."--Mollie Fein, librarian