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Sonja Roseth

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." - C. G. Jung
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Sonja Roseth
P.O. Box 133
Trinidad, CA 95570
United States
sonjauu (at)

Sounder Sleep System
"...can help you restore your natural rhythm and get the sleep you need. The system’s gentle, synchronized movements and breathing, called Mini-Moves, relax your body and calm your mind to help you get to sleep you need." say Michael Krugman. His Sounder Sleep System has helped me sleep soundly after 25 years of being a problem sleeper. I have since taught others how to use this system to relax, clear their mind and fall asleep.

Sleep Yoga
My workshops include sleep yoga where you’ll focus on gentle, lulling physical movements synchronized with your breathing. Because physical movements are immediately present to the senses, it’s easy to become deeply absorbed in this breath, this movement, this moment. Your body relaxes and your mind becomes very still. In that potent state, you can deeply rest, meditate, or sleep according to your present need.

Sonja Roseth is an authorized instructor of the Sounder Sleep System and has a Master of Science in education. She is also a certified practitioner of Interactive Guided Imagery and has had four years in Gestalt training.

I do my workshops and individual training at the Full Circle Center in Arcata

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